Meet HEXA: A Programmable and Highly Maneuverable Robot

When people think of robots, the idea that comes to mind is a human like machine which behaves and resembles it creators (human being). HEXA is not like that, it’s a is a 6-legged, highly maneuverable, compact robot that comes complete with all the necessary sensors to help it carry on it business (whatever that is). It is small enough to fit in your bag pack for easy transportation and can handle different terrains and environment. It is also equipped with optical and spatial sensors allowing it to watch and learn from the real world. It is equipped with the following sensors:

  1. 720P camera with night vision;
  2. 3-axis accelerometer;
  3. Distance measuring sensor;
  4. Infrared transmitter.

What makes HEXA interesting though is the ability to be reprogrammed to perform different tasks. In simple terms, you can make it do whatever you want. This idea is nothing short of brilliant, since many people lack the resources and expertise to create robots, but with HEXA you purchase a working robot and then program it with a specific skill that performs a task or tasks of your choice.

When you purchase HEXA you also get MIND which is a robotic operating system and an SDK. According to the creators, this means you don’t need to know the underlying hardware and complex mechanics to learn and create interesting robotics functionality. MIND is based on Linux kernel that is specifically optimized for robots, enabling easy interactions with various libraries and drivers to control robots. MIND enables you to create programs that can operate the robot to perform various tasks.

And to make things even better, there is a MIND store where you can download various skills for your HEXA robot that have been created by other robotics’ enthusiasts and experts much in the same way you download apps for your smartphone to give it added functionality. This is great news for beginner and inexperienced robot enthusiasts as it means you can experiment with other people skills as you develop your own skills. HEXA is still young, but extremely promising, it is based on a solid idea that if developed properly has potential, for it to achieve its potentials it needs people to join and back this project either by purchasing or by developing skills. You can learn more here.

Product Specification

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