Now, before I even get down to this controversial title, a disclaimer would do. Respect to all ladies that have genuinely strived against all odds in this judgmental society to make in life without subjecting us constant show offs on social media; this article definitely is not for you. There is an ever growing breed of wannabes especially in our Capital that are hell bent in drugging this title down the drain.

Back to basics, the term slay is defined as to kill or destroy in a violent way, or is a slang meaning to impress or amuse. The Urban Dictionary further describes Slay Queen is someone who can simply reduce you to zero by stating their opinion on something or by their lifestyle, in layman’s lingo it means a lady who impresses in all that she does.

#KOT Vs Others

Hypothetically, Kenya is the best in Africa in setting trends on social media especially on twitter (#KOT) with hilarious memes, hashtags and twitter wars most recently against CNN, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, which of course #KOT prowess manifested in all the occasions. However, trends or topics on social media do fade away after the fuss is no more, but #slay queens has refused to die down. It has been on the trend for close to six months now and signs of it fading aren’t even showing.

Slay queens have been the subject of trolling on social media especially on twitter and Facebook. Hilarious tweets and memes have been made thanks to Kenyans creative minds. They have been described as girls without brains but with a lot of makeup. Social media further trolls that the queen’s put flowers on their heads to pay respect to their dead brains.

Slay queen starter pack

First things first, social media. They are like twins, she will have accounts in almost all platforms ranging from IG, Facebook, Snapchat, Badoo, Telegram and WhatsApp. But funny enough you won’t find them on platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Secondly, an iPhone. So that it will be a constant reminder of class whenever she takes pictures in washroom mirrors, mostly in joints. She will also take 100 pictures, delete 98 and choose 2 that she will seriously edit with filters before posting it online. The kind of poses they got, you’d think they are suffering from polio or bowlegs better known as rickets.

Just like wolfs, they also have a pack. A group of girls that they hang out with especially on weekends or when a gentleman invites one of them for lunch and they end up turning up all of them like S.W.A.T or firefighters, ready to devour they young man the little he got.

This pack cannot be complete without Parties; weekends are their best. They know what’s happening where and when, who the Dj or the guest artist will be. Queens probably know the taste of almost all whisky brands if not all and all sheesha flavors. Look out for captions such as ‘Issa Friday yo’

Last but not least, stalking celebrities both local and international. The likes of the kardashians, Zari, Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe among others whom they try to copy in all aspects of their social life. In the evenings, you’ll get them in the streets of Nairobi especially around globe cinema or Koja buying clothes that cost less than a dollar but wouldn’t date a guy that is not driving, it’s alright.

Save the boy child

A self-proclaimed activist of the boy child, one Engineer Mark Biskuti, laments that for as long as he can remember the society has put much focus on the girl child that nobody even cares about the boy child. He adds that tides have changed in modern times, Men especially in their 20’s cannot have girlfriends in peace because of the ever hunting sponsors who splash monies to their girlfriends leaving the boy child as mere puppets in relationships. The  boy child is endangered, sharing goodies with old reckless men; you can imagine the consequences. Sharing is not always caring my friends.

So much that a Tanzanian label artist rayvanny released a hit song unaibiwa weeks ago and its almost hitting record views within a month of its release. It talks about how old pot-bellied men are being used by a young generation of girls to harvest money and be taken to dream destinations in exchange of sexual favors. It is honestly difficult to now draw the line between a socialite and a slay queen as much as it is to tell who is using the other in current times, if you ask me they are one and the same only levels to it.

My two cents

Having a lot of likes on your photos on Facebook and Instagram doesn’t in any way make you a slay queen, heavy makeups doesn’t make you a slay queen, looking like a flower girl using snapchat or other editing effects and taking a picture with a borrowed chiwawas or german shepherd doesn’t make you a slay queen either. Most of these so called slay queens are empty inside; both brain and heart. They are in reality very sad creatures living a lie thanks to the help of social media.
Stop boasting about the number of men that want you, stop broadcasting every single thing on social media from morning to evening, stop taking selfies with fastened seat belts in in different cars that don’t belong to you; you know we are keen, we do count. Give the boy child a break. On the flipside, stay humble, patient and hardworking in order to build yourself into the woman that people will always respect admire and look up to.

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