Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Features that won’t make it

Windows 10 Creators update will be officially released on October 17th, 2017, slightly over a month away. While I have written about the new features in the upcoming windows 10 update, there are several features that were initially expected to shipped with the fall creators update but sadly fell through the cracks.

Pick up where you left off

This feature allowed you to continue your work on another device once you logged off or turned it off. Using Cortana, windows would be able to monitor your work on one device and when you switched to another connected device, it would prompt you if you wish to continue where you left off. Apart from that, you could copy paste across connected devices.


Timeline Feature

This feature provided you with the ability to go back in time and see what you were working on, either 2 hours or 2 months ago. This will be an amazing feature when it comes to windows, because you can easily resume where you left off before switching of your machine. Finally, I won’t have to keep my PC on hibernation for two weeks.


3D Capability in Story Remix

One of the highlights of Microsoft Build 2017 was the story remix with a new photos and video app that had impressive 3D capabilities. This app would allow you to view your 3D created objects in the real world. Unfortunately, that feature has been delayed until after the falls creators update.

Windows 10 Falls Creators Update – Features that won’t make it

The above features have been delayed by Microsoft for various reasons. We hope they will be ready for the next version of windows 10, expected early next year code named Redstone 4.

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