Facebook introduces a Crisis Response Center

Facebook introduces a Crisis Response Center

Facebook Response Crisis Center

Facebook has introduced a crisis response center where people can get more information about a recent crisis. They will also have access to Facebook crisis tools. These tools include Safety Check, Community Help and Fundraisers to support crisis recovery. The goal is to bring all tools helpful during a crisis in one place. This crisis response center will have all links to posts, videos, photos shared publicly by the Facebook community about the crisis.

Facebook introduces a Crisis Response Center

Facebook Crisis Response Center on their Smartphone App

According to Facebook newsroom release, Facebook has developed the crisis response tools from what they have learned. During a crisis people use Facebook to stay in touch and keep their friends informed and help community recover. Facebook will rollout this update over the coming weeks to both desktops and phones apps.

Facebook crisis response page will have the following tools:

  1. Safety Check: an easy way to let your friends and family know you’re safe. It will continue to work the same way it does today and will be featured at the top of each crisis page if you are in the affected area.
  2. Links to Articles, Photos and Videos: crisis-related content from public posts can help people learn more about a crisis.
  3. Community Help: people can ask for and give help to communities affected by the crisis.
  4. Fundraisers: let people create fundraisers and donate to support those affected by the crisis and nonprofit organizations helping with relief efforts.

Facebook will also from today provide more publicly available Facebook posts about a crisis to people who receive a safety check notification or just want more information about a crisis. On top of that, safety check notification may also appear in News Feed together with any related information.

Facebook has continued with its trend of introducing features that help people during a crisis like a safety check activation back in 2014. This has now been incorporated into the crisis response center. It allows your close friends and loved ones to get updates during a crisis where you are involved in. Hopefully, Facebook will continue to develop more tools that are helpful to those who are in a crisis.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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