Stay away from DU Antivirus Security App

Stay away from DU Antivirus Security

DU Antivirus Security

If you are an Android user, it is likely you have come across one or more application from DU app developers. They range from a battery saver app to their DU Antivirus Security. It was discovered that DU Antivirus Security was collecting user information and using it for commercial purpose without user permission.

Researchers at Check Point discovered that the security application does the opposite of protecting you. The researchers discovered that, when the application is run for the first time, it collects information from your device. It then transmits this information to a remote server. It collected information such as unique identifiers, contact list, call logs, and potentially the location of the device.

The information collected by this DU Antivirus Security app was then used by one of their app called Caller ID & Call Block – DU Caller to provide about incoming phone calls. This is the opposite of what an Antivirus application is supposed to do. Its main goal is to protect your private data and not use it commercially without your permission.

“While users trusted DU Antivirus Security to protect private information, it did the exact opposite. It collected the personal information of its users without permission and used that private information for commercial purposes. Information about your personal calls, who you’re speaking with and for how long, was logged and later used.”

The researchers reported this information to Google and the application was removed from Google Play. It was later re uploaded to google play without the harmful code and users are encouraged to update to the latest version on google play.

While the developers have already removed the harmful code from their application, I would recommend that you stay away from this app. Especially not when there are a lot of alternatives. I believe app developers willing to abuse trust placed to them by their app users should not be trusted at all.

In this case, they collected user information without permission and used it in another of their application. While one can argue they stopped, but the fact they did it in the first place makes you wonder what else they are hiding or doing behind your back.

Source: Check Point