How to get Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update last week, 17th October. This is the second release this year, with the first being the Creators Update back in April.

It brings a host of new features as discussed on an earlier post here. On top of those features, the new version of windows 10 brings a new design language, called fluent design. It’s going to begin rolling out with this version of Windows but won’t be fully implement until the next Windows 10 release, expected early next year. Check it out in the video below from our friends at Techradar.

There are two options for you to download and install Windows 10 Falls Creators Update:

Using Windows Update

How to get Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

How to get Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

This is by far the easiest option. Just head to: Settings > Update and Settings > Windows Update. Check for updates and if they are available download and install. If they are not, be patient, you will get a notification once available. The downside to this method is that it may take time to become available for your PC. I mean weeks, days if you are lucky.

Microsoft doesn’t roll out updates to everyone at once but to people in bunches. The only way you get the update tomorrow or even the day after that is if you are ahead of the queue and we all can’t be. Which now brings me to the 2nd & 3rd option.

Use Microsoft Update Utility

If you can’t wait until it’s available through windows update, you can use Microsoft update utility found here. You download this utility and run it on the machine you would like to install the latest version of Windows and follow the instruction. Please make sure that you backup your important stuff before pursuing this option.

And one more thing, ensure that the falls creators update has been release before running this update. You might spend a couple hours installing the same version of windows as your current one. I did that last year with the Windows 10 anniversary update.

Use Microsoft Media Creation Tool

If you would like to install on multiple PCs or at least have a copy of windows 10 for emergency use, select this option. Unlike the Update utility, this process downloads and creates a bootable image of Windows 10 either on a flash drive or an ISO image. After the process is complete, you can the install Windows 10 the old-fashioned way. Booting from a flash drive and installing a fresh copy or mounting the drive and upgrading the current version. Download the Microsoft Media Creation Tool here and follow the instructions.

I hope these methods were useful to you and in case you have any question be free to ask in the comment section below this article. Thank you.

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