Advantages of Office 365 over Office 2016

Microsoft has two office products – Office 365 and Office 2016 – which are provided in two totally different models. Office 365 is provided as a subscription service for an annual or monthly fee where else Office 2016 is sold as a product for a onetime fee upfront. So, isn’t the one time fee better than an annual subscription fee? No, not in this case, here are the advantages of Office 365 over Office 2016:

Multiple Device Installation

When you subscribe to office 365 home edition for about $100 annually, you can install in up to 5 PCs (Both Mac and Windows), 5 Tablets and 5 Smartphones, compare that with Office 2016, where you shell out a large one time fee for just one device. If you opt for the cheaper Office 365 personal for about $70 annually, you can install on a single PC, A tablet and a smartphone. That’s 3 devices and it’s still better compared to Office 2016 single device per license.

1 Terabyte of OneDrive Storage

1TB of OneDrive Storage

With Office 365 you get 1TB of OneDrive space per user. For example, for Office 365 home, you get 1 TB for each of the 5 users. For Office 2016 you don’t get any OneDrive storage space, apart from the free 5 GB offering available to everyone.

Continuous and Uninterrupted Feature Updates

Microsoft guarantees their Office 365 users continuous and uninterrupted feature updates as long as they are subscribed to Office 365. You will get new features including upgrades to future versions at no extra cost. As for Office 2016, you won’t get new features and will need to purchase the next version to get new and upgraded features.

Free Microsoft Support via chat or phone

Yes, you can contact Microsoft technical teams to sort your Office 365 problems instead of spending hours googling, without extra cost. This option is not available for Office 2016 users.

Free 60 Skype Minutes per Month per user

60 Free Skype Minutes with Office 365 Personal Subscription

You get free 60 Minutes each month to call your friends on their phones and landlines on Skype. This could be very useful when you want to avoid those expensive roaming charges on international trips.

Office 2016 is still an amazing product. While it lacks most of the features in Office 365, it is worth buying especially if you are not integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem and you don’t want to keep on paying Microsoft to use their office product.

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