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Weekly Malware Watch – 22/09/2017

Weekly Malware Watch – 22/09/2017

Welcome to a brand-new segment of weekly malware watch. In this segment, we bring to you the latest malwares/viruses and other digital security threats to watch out. Malwares have become part of our digital lives and it’s necessary to stay informed in case one or more affects you.

CCleaner Distributed Malwares Infects over 2.3 Million People

If you have downloaded and/or installed CCleaner between 15th August and 12th September, you need to pay attention immediately. Your PC may be malware infested and you need to update your version of CCleaner as soon as possible.

CCleaner or Crap Cleaner is a popular windows software used to clean junk and optimize PC performance. It was created by Piriform and was acquired by Avast and has been downloaded over 2 Billion times.

It emerged earlier this week that hackers took over the Piriform distribution servers and replaced the original CCleaner software with one that is malware infested. Avast and Piriform have both confirmed that the Windows 32-bit version of CCleaner v5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud v1.07.3191 were affected by the malware.

The malware main intention is to steal your data and send it to the attacker’s remote servers. It was discovered on 13th September by security researcher from Cisco Talos. The malware collected the following information:

  1. Computer name.
  2. List of installed software, including Windows updates.
  3. List of all running processes.
  4. IP and MAC addresses.
  5. Additional information like whether the process is running with admin privileges and whether it is a 64-bit system.

The malware could have affected over 20 Million people but Piriform estimated that up to 3 percent of its users (up to 2.3 million people) were affected. To remove the software please update to the latest version, which can be downloaded here.

Sources: The Hackers News and Piriform

Another Android Malware Infects over 4.2 Million Google Play Users

Smartphone Malware

Another Android Malware Infects over 4.2 Million Google Play Users

While google has been working hard to ensure that Play Store is clean from malwares, it has emerged that still about 50 malware apps made through the safety net. The malware infected apps have been downloaded between 1 and 4.2 million times before Google caught and removed them. This was reported by security firm Check Point researchers on Thursday last week.

These Android apps come with hidden malware payload that secretly registers victims for paid online services, sends fraudulent premium text messages from victims’ smartphones. All this is done without the knowledge or permission of users.

Malwares on Android are not a new thing, just last month over 500 spyware infested apps with over 100 million downloads were discovered in play store. The problem is that even if the applications are removed from play store, your smartphone is still infected until you remove the application.

Google has instituted a number of measures to protect you against malware like Google Play Protect that will automatically remove applications from your smartphone if they are malware infested. It’s also advisable to install a good antivirus on your smartphone to detect and stop such malware attacks.

Source: The Hackers News

That’s it for this week Malware Watch segment. Thank you and see you again next week.

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