Pixel 2 Crushes iPhone 8 Camera Score

Hi, I went through all last week’s news events and collected the most important stories for you. In this week’s segment, we have lots of news on the Made by Google event and other major events that occurred last week.

Pixel 2 Crushes Apple iPhone 8 Camera Score

Pixel 2 Crushes iPhone 8 Camera Score

Just over two weeks ago, iPhone 8 was announced to have the best camera ever on a smartphone ever taking the crown from Google Pixel (Last year model). That changed last week with the release of the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which took back the crown from the iPhone.

The iPhone 8 got a score of 94 points, tied with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 whose score was also announced last week. But even before Samsung could enjoy its success in the camera division, the Pixel line of smartphones swooped in to crush both flagships with a DXOMARK score of 98 points.

This is the highest ever on a smartphone and it’s now firmly in the DSLR territory. I cannot wait for the test of the iPhone X – announced at the same time as the iPhone 8 – to be released. The best smartphone camera was always a battle between Samsung and Apple but it’s good to see Google getting in and doing some excellent job with its new line of smartphones.

Google Continues to Invest Heavily on Made by Google


Google has continued to invest heavily on its hardware division. Last week Google announced a fleet of devices in the Made by Google Event. The event saw the announcement of the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which offers the best of Android OS. Google continues to withhold some features from other Android devices reserving them exclusively for the Google Pixel line. This is in the hopes that it will attract more customers to their smartphone line.

Google also announced two more Google home devices – the mini and max. The mini will go for about $49 just the same as the Alexa Dot from Amazon. And the max will go for $399 slightly higher than the Apples Homepod. They will be available as from October 19, just over a month before Apple Homepod is available. Other devices announced in the event were the Pixelbook – A Chromebook, Google Clips  – A Camera, Pixel Buds and Google Daydream View Headset.

Apple Releases a new Facebook Messenger Bot for Apple Music

Apple this week release a Messenger bot that can help you search and play music via simple chat or emojis. The bot allows users to play full playlists and songs. It uses conversations to suggest new music.

The new chatbot recommends music based on the conversation. Once a chat is started with Apple Music, the bot asks for an artist, song, or genre. With that information, the bot recommends a song or playlist. Tapping on the result brings up options inside an Apple Music pop-up, where subscribers can listen to the full song or playlist while everyone can get a 30-second preview.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

And finally, it has been rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not spot a physical home button. Instead will have a under the display optical fingerprint scanner. Samsung have been bashed for the inconveniently placed fingerprint scanner at its both of its flagships this year. But an under display fingerprint reader would be a coup to the industry. There is no major manufacturer who has figured out how to implement correctly it.

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