Last Week Talking Points – 9/18/2017

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

Welcome to a brand-new segment of Last Week Talking Points. Today is the beginning of a new week and I hope it will be as exciting as last week. Before we can focus on this week, lets first look at last week major talking points in Technology.

A Robot Got hundreds of Stories Published

I thought some jobs like creative writing, reporting and journalism were safe until I came across this. A robot named heliograf got hundreds of stories published last year. You probably have read a story written by this robot and did not even know it. The robot that was introduced a year ago by the Washington post as an in-house program that was used to automatically generate short stories for their live blog.

It was first used during the Rio Olympics to provide information such as results for medal just like Alexa. It uses data mining and machine learning to find new stories and customize the user experience based on the user actions. The robot managed to have 850 stories published. It won’t be long before more media companies start introducing similar robots.

Source: Washington Post and The Digital Trends

Apple iPhone X

Apple finally unveiled their master piece last week and it’s amazing. While are apple are no longer leading in innovations – preferring to take their time to perfect technologies over being first – their products are still some of the best in the market.

We have seen smartphones from Apple’s competitors like Samsung, LG embrace the bezels-less concept extremely well and is following suite with the iPhone X. The only mishap is the camera notch at top. The iPhone X has an OLED display – finally – which have been excellent on Samsung devices for several years now.

The TouchID is gone in favor of Apple FaceID which according to apple is faster and more secure. The FaceID uses a 3D camera to scan your face for identification which means they cannot be fooled by a person’s face picture as easily as android facial recognition system. But at a base price of $999 some fill that is a little bit over the top.  For more information watch the video below.

Bluetooth Blue Borne Malware – Billions of Devices at risk

Last week, researchers announced they had discovered 8 Zero days vulnerabilities on the Bluetooth protocol. This vulnerability affects most of devices with Bluetooth like iPhones, Androids and Windows. This adds up to over 5 billion devices. The researchers at IoT security firm have devised an attack which they named Blue Borne. Using Blue Borne, they can completely take over Bluetooth enabled devices, spread information all without requiring user interaction.

Smartphone Malware

For a successful execution, the attacker will require Bluetooth to be turned on and be in close proximity due to the limited range of Bluetooth. Google, Apple and Microsoft already have released patches for this security vulnerability. Be sure to update your device as soon as you can. It’s important to note that android users running Marshmallow, iOS 9.3.5 and below and some devices running a version of Linux are vulnerable. Please turn off your Bluetooth on your smartphone when not using it if belong to one of the categories above.

Source: The Hacker News

That’s it for this weeks Last Week Talking Points, will see next week on another new segment.

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