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Hi, today I decided to spend some time on looking for brilliant, new technology ideas that are searching for funding. Initially, I was searching for just one project that I would dissect for you guys but unfortunately, I was unable to pick one. I have decided from now onwards I will pick several projects that will catch my attention every week.

So, let’s get started:

1. The Tower – Organizes your messy cables

The Tower – Organizes your messy cablesEveryone, including me, has that one Achilles heel with having several devices – a messy collection of charging cables. The Tower is a modular charging station that supports several configurations for charging your devices – smartphones, smartwatches, tablets etc. Instead of having multiple cables running from the wall outlet to each device, one cable runs to the tower and the you connect all your devices from the tower.

On Kickstarter - The Tower – Organizes your messy cables

What makes the tower a unique product is its modular approach, it can be configured to support different device using modules that you fit on the tower. You can fit any type of charger to the tower from regular dual-USB ports to quick charge giving you the capability to upgrade in future as technology advances without buying a new charging station. It’s simply futuristic. It also has mounts that are interchangeable depending on which device you own like headphones, earbuds, smart watch, speakers, power bank. The tower has two configurations – Standard configuration goes for $97 and Professional configuration which goes for $130. For more information about the tower visit the project page here on

2. Cleanty: World’s Smallest & Most Powerful UVC LED Sterilizer

On - Cleanty: World's Smallest & Most Powerful UVC LED Sterilizer

This product is all about cleaning those pesky bacteria from your workspace because let’s be honest, bacteria are everywhere and even washing our hands isn’t enough. Cleanty uses UVC LED light to sterilize bacteria’s from anywhere and its small enough to fit in your pocket. It weighs about 29 grams so it’s easy to carry everywhere you go. You can learn more on this project kickstarter page.

3. RWeStillOnTime – Running late happens. Notify your group with one click of a button

On - RWeStillOnTime – Running late happens. Notify your group with one click of a buttonWe all have been to a meeting at some point in our lives, and one common thing about meetings is that someone will be late at one or more of their meeting. This is an app for android and iOS solves this problem by encouraging attendees to confirm whether they will still make it to the meeting on time or won’t make at all. They can also share their current location with the other attendees so that they can do something else as they wait. The app developer hopes that by using this, people will save time which could have been used waiting for someone who will be late or even won’t make it. You can learn more about this app on this project kickstarter project page.

If you have any project in mind you want me to feature next week comment below.

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