Facebook enables users to donate on their birthday

For those of us whose use Facebook, birthdays notifications are just a thing we have gotten used to. Facebook will notify us when a friend has a birthday and in turn we send our wishes, whether its that simple “hbd” post on their timeline or a comprehensive message accompanied by a card. Either way, it helps us know our friends’ birthdays and send our wishes. According to Facebook, 45 million people use the platform in a day to send birthday wishes to friends. So, it’s only natural that Facebook is looking to enhance this feature due to its popularity. Facebook is introducing two new feature that enables users to donate to a worthy cause on their birthday or wish your best friends happy birthday with a video.

The first feature will allow Facebook users to dedicate their birthday to support a cause. For Facebook users in the United States, two weeks to your birthday, you will receive a message from Facebook to create a fundraising for your birthday. You can select any of the 750,000 USA nonprofits organizations available for fundraising on the platform. Once you have created a fundraiser, your friends will receive notifications inviting them to support your cause in the honor of your birthday. This way you can make your birthday even more meaningful by spreading the happiness to causes you believe in.

In the 2nd feature, Facebook is introducing shareable videos which you can use to send birthday wishes to your close friends. These videos will be shown to you on the day of your close friend’s birthday. Facebook is looking to make the birthday experience on Facebook more fun for you and the special people in your life. Facebook is coming up with innovative ways to ensure the birthday experience is more meaningful to you and your friends and ensuring you don’t miss that special day for a close friend. At least you don’t have to circle the calendar on your friend’s birthday anymore. I am quite sure more birthday-focused features will continue to roll out from Facebook.

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