Facebook Announces New Ways to Enjoy Memories with Friends

Facebook has just announced two new ways to relive meaningful memories. The 1st feature will be for recapping your memories; this will package your recent memories in a manner that you can relive them or even share with friends. It will also bundle related memories into a seasonal or monthly recap story which you can also share.

The 2nd feature will be for celebrating your friendships; this is aimed at creating new ways for you to celebrate the actions that connect you and your friends. These actions are: When you make a notable number of friends and when your friends react to your posts. Facebook also plans to create additional messages in the coming months. These messages will only be shown to you but you will have an option of sharing them.

On top of those two new features, Facebook has updated the On this day and Memory Preferences by making them easier to access. On this day feature is one of the most popular feature on Facebook and has been rolled out to everyone. In addition to that, Facebook is also going to be filtering out the memories to ensure that you receive only those memories you are going to enjoy and are relevant to you. As Facebook puts it, “We know how much people cherish their friendships and memories, which is why we approach these experiences with sensitivity and care. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that allows you to express your feelings and connect with what matters to you and your community.”

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