How to use split screen on Android OS

Android Nougat introduced a nifty multitasking feature to all Android smartphones. The ability to split the screen between two applications. You could let’s say, read an email and type the content on a note taking application. This helps you to use two applications side by side and take advantage of your screen real estate. It also important to note that not all apps support split screen, luckily, they are very few apps – at least those that I have come across.

How to use Split Screen

As they say, there are multiple ways to skin a cat, and in this case its true. There different approaches to using split screen and I will discuss some of them below here: (This works for Android 7 and above)

Method 1

  1. Open the first application you want to use on a split screen.
  2. Long press the Overview button – button indicated in the image below.using split screen on Android
  3. It will prompt you to open the second application.
  4. And finally, you are using split-screen.

Method 2

  1. First open the application you would like to use on a split screen and then press the home button.
  2. Press the overview button and you will a list of your application.
  3. Drag the application you wish to use on split-screen to the top of the screen.
  4. It will prompt you to select the second application at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Finally, you are using split-screen using method 2 on your smartphone.

In split screen, you can vary the size occupied by each app by varying the app divider. You can also close on of the applications by reducing its size completely, either upwards or downward.

Before I can sign off on this post, it’s important to note that this may not work with some devices based on manufacturer. If one of this two methods doesn’t work for you, comment below with your device make and I will get back to you with instructions for your specific device. Thank you and have a nice day.