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WhatsApp adding a recall feature – This Weeks Talking Points

WhatsApp adding a recall feature – This Week’s Talking Points

Hi, welcome to a new segment of This Week’s Talking Points. In today’s segment, we look at some extremely significant news of the week such as WhatsApp finally adding a recall feature, the Google Pixel display issues and Amazon Key delivery system. So, let’s get started: WhatsApp has Added a

Pixel 2 Crushes iPhone 8 Camera Score

Pixel 2 Crushes iPhone 8 Camera Score

Hi, I went through all last week’s news events and collected the most important stories for you. In this week’s segment, we have lots of news on the Made by Google event and other major events that occurred last week. Pixel 2 Crushes Apple iPhone 8 Camera Score Just over

Apple iPhone X

Last Week Talking Points – 9/18/2017

Welcome to a brand-new segment of Last Week Talking Points. Today is the beginning of a new week and I hope it will be as exciting as last week. Before we can focus on this week, lets first look at last week major talking points in Technology. A Robot Got

Google ARCore – An Augmented Reality SDK for Android

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttdPqly4OF8[/embedyt] Unless you have been living in a box for the last couple of years, it is more than likely you have come across the term AR or VR. Most tech giants believe that AR/VR and AI are going to be the next big thing and am inclined to

Google Announces Chrome Enterprise

Google has announced Chrome Enterprise and as you can guess its geared towards enterprises and not folks like you and me.  Chrome Enterprise is an enterprise version of the popular chrome operating system. According to Google, Chrome Enterprise will offer the following: access to enterprise app storefronts, deep security controls,