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Add Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to an Angular App

Facebook has a customer chat widget to assist businesses to engage with customers. With over 2 Billion users, Majority of your customer, if not all, are somehow on Facebook. If you are looking for a free customer chap widget for your website, then Facebook is a very good option. It

Angular 5 has been released

Adaptive Layout Design – Angular Flex Layout

Introduction You probably have heard about Responsive Layout design but let me remind you anyway. Responsive layout is where components and elements of a web page change size and position based on different breaking points – Web apps that adapt to any screen size. Unlike responsive layout, in Adaptive Layouts

Angular Material and Bootstrap Framework – Components Comparison

Components Comparison Between Angular Material and Bootstrap Framework

Today, we are going to compare the components in Angular Material and Bootstrap Framework. This comparison is meant to help you decide on whether to go with bootstrap or angular material for your application. Bootstrap provides a nice looking, simple, clean user interface while Angular material looks to provide an

Image Sliders and Carousels for Angular

Web developers require from time to time to create different types of images sliders and carousel in their apps. Most developers coming from jQuery and other plugin tend to want to use the tools they are already familiar with – like that amazing jQuery plugin you used before. But doing

How to upgrade your Angular 4 App to Angular 5.0

Angular 5 was finally released earlier this week after several delays. It brings a lot of improvements over Angular 4 and new features as discussed in my previous post here. On top of Angular 5, Angular CLI v1.5 was also released. So, today I will show you how to upgrade

How to use Angular 4 with Bootstrap

How to use Angular 4 with Bootstrap 4

Angular and Bootstrap 4 are arguably the best frameworks out there, though will different purposes. Angular was developed by Google as a JavaScript framework while Bootstrap was developed by twitter as a CSS framework. The major huddle to using both is that Bootstrap uses jQuery. While you can use both