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Simon Jameson
5 Min Read

Apps are the easiest way to get started with technology. They make it easier for people to learn, use and enjoy new apps easily, reliably and affordably on any device from computers to phones or tablets. App Maker is a tool that allows users to…

Simon Jameson
1 Min Read

meShare is a decentralized social platform that leverages the blockchain to make your digital life less susceptible to privacy violations, cyberattacks and government surveillance. The “meshare camera” is a powerful tool that allows you to share your digital photos with friends and family in real-time….

Simon Jameson
3 Min Read

A video game that utilizes blockchain technology to power its economy – one of the first games in history. Learn about how gaming is setting an example for other industries and what it means for the future of cryptocurrency, with a case study on Fury…

Simon Jameson
4 Min Read

Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most influential encyclopedia. The project, which began as a collaboration between Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on in 2001, has since been expanded to include an app for Windows PCs and Macs that can be downloaded from their…