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Add Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to an Angular App

Facebook has a customer chat widget to assist businesses to engage with customers. With over 2 Billion users, Majority of your customer, if not all, are somehow on Facebook. If you are looking for a free customer chap widget for your website, then Facebook is a very good option. It

PHP: Frameworks vs Microframeworks

Deploying a PHP 7 App with MongoDB to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Introduction Over the weekend, I was working on a PHP REST API that is using Mongo DB as it’s database. I haven’t worked with MongoDB before, I have always used MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL DB etc. for almost all my projects.  The reason am bringing the MongoDB is because you need PHP MongoDB

How to build a HTTP Interceptor in Angular 5

Introduction A HTTP Interceptor enables you to catch HTTP requests and responses so that you can modify them. It is very useful especially when you want to add extra headers to all outgoing requests or catch error responses from the server. One use case scenario for an interceptor is adding

How to upgrade your Angular 4 App to Angular 5.0

Angular 5 was finally released earlier this week after several delays. It brings a lot of improvements over Angular 4 and new features as discussed in my previous post here. On top of Angular 5, Angular CLI v1.5 was also released. So, today I will show you how to upgrade

How to setup Angular to use Yarn Package Manager

Last week, I briefly touched on Yarn Package Manager in my post about 5 must have tools for angular developer. Yarn Package Manager – simply referred to as Yarn – was developed by Facebook as a replacement for Node Package Manager (NPM). Yarn has been widely adopted by Facebook for

How to use split screen on Android OS

Android Nougat introduced a nifty multitasking feature to all Android smartphones. The ability to split the screen between two applications. You could let’s say, read an email and type the content on a note taking application. This helps you to use two applications side by side and take advantage of